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Fine Dining at Lucky's Stable

Updated: Apr 30

Having a private chef prepare a meal for you at your holiday cottage is a fab way to celebrate a special event and enjoy amazing & seasonal local cuisine.

There's a marvellous food culture in West Sussex, with a wide range of artisanal ingredients and some talented chefs to cook it up. We recently hosted Georgie from Georgie Eats, a plant-based chef & influencer from Chichester. She came to Lucky's Stable to cook us a feast. It was a joyous meal with a skillful & creative use of local ingredients and beautifully presented plates.

The evening started with canapes and Kir Royale cocktails. Crunchy truffle & mushroom palmiers, roasted beetroot belinis and satay aubergine skewers all disappeared rather quickly to sounds of appreciation.

Dinner, for 7, was served around the long table and each course was delightful. A cauliflower soup to start, rich and creamy and topped with roasted cauliflower leaves and a sourdough crumb with lashings of truffle oil enriching the dish with autumnal flavour.

Vegan Private Chef Chichester

A mushroom wellington with roast potatoes and vegetables with a rich porcini mushroom gravy was served for the main course. The wellington was wrapped in a crisp puff pastry surrounding a delicious filling, everything on the plate was cooked to perfection.

Vegan Private Chef Roast Dinner Chichester

An incredibly creamy banoffee cheesecake with caramel sauce drizzled over was the finale. It was a fantastic meal, artfully made and thoroughly enjoyed. "The best meal I've eaten in years!" was declared by the birthday boy.

Vegan Pudding Private Chef Chichester

Georgie has developed quite a following for Georgie Eats, the showcase for her innovative vegan, healthy but decadent food. You can get a taste for her style by following one of the recipes from her website or if you have someone to treat book her in to cook you up your own feast. All of our West Sussex holiday cottages have top notch kitchens and dining tables designed for sharing food with those you love.


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