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Chichester Cathedral Lunchtime Concerts & Mini Pilgrimages

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

Chichester Cathedral Concert

Charlotte Stevenson performing on the violin

Chichester Cathedral Lunchtime Concerts

Enjoy a lunchtime concert in the magnificent interior of Chichester Cathedral every Tuesday at 1.10pm during termtime. These concerts are free to attend and celebrate the beauty of classical music played live by talented musicians. Over the series they visit the work of composers of great renown including Bach, Vivaldi & Mozart.

Each concert lasts 50 minutes. There is no allocated seating so arrive a little early to secure a seat as they are popular events. The Cathedral are grateful to receive any donations you can make. The full program of events is available here: Chichester Cathedral Lunchtime Concerts. They share the stories and inspiration of each musician and the music that they will be performing during the concert.

Constable painting of Chichester Cathedral

Chichester Cathedral sits at the heart of the Roman city of Chichester. It was founded in 1075 and is a thriving centre for Christianity in West Sussex. Not so long ago the entire population of Chichester used to be able to fit inside the cathedral for services.

Although that is no longer the case the Cathedral remains an iconic part of local life visible from the hills of the South Downs and as a landmark for sailors out on the water.

Pilgrimage To Chichester Cathedral

Chichester Cathedral Stained Glass

There is a lovely 6 mile suggested mini pilgrimage from the Holy Trinity Church in Bosham, which is depicted in the Bayeux Tapestry, to the tall spires of the Cathedral. Taking in two other historic churches along the way via coast and countryside paths. It's easy to navigate and mainly over flat terrain.

If you would like a greater challenge, there is also a pilgrimage route of 8 miles from nearby Stoughton to the Cathedral. This route will lead you to much loved village churches and over the top of Kingley Vale, with spectacular views before leading you through villages and woodland to arrive in Chichester.

Chichester is filled with restaurants and along the routes you'll pass pubs and cafes should you be in need of any refreshment.

A full list of services and other concerts can be found on the Chichester Cathedral website.

Stained Glass Window by Marc Chaga


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