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A Night Out at the Theatre

Oakwood West self catering holiday cottages are a few minutes drive away from spectacular theatre events at Chichester Festival Theatre and close to the vibrant Spring Arts Centre in Havant and the rich theatrical delights of the Portsmouth theatres. There's lots to choose from and something for every taste.

The Chichester Festival Theatre has an excellent program of events, including musicals, comedy acts, modern theatre productions and family performances. The modern building is a dynamic setting for some of the UK's best shows and a creative hotspot for new productions that go on to take the world by storm. The grand main play house sits next to the Chichester Minerva Theatre, a smaller, more intimate setting for a play. Here you'll find new, innovative, and experimental productions.

The inaugural artistic director of the Festival Theatre was Laurence Olivier and their commitment to excellence has continued since. Chichester Festival Theatre has consistently chosen talented and visionary artistic directors. These directors curate an annual program that combines classics, contemporary works, musicals, and new commissions, ensuring a diverse and engaging repertoire for audiences. The theater has a reputation for maintaining high production values. From lavish set designs to intricate costumes and immersive sound and lighting, Chichester Festival Theatre spares no expense in creating top-notch productions that will captivate and entertain you.

You'll find the theatre to the North of Chichester, next to the wide open spaces of Oaklands park. It's a wonderful spot to take in a show. Discover a local theatre with a world class profile that connects with the local community and attracts international stars. Before the show you can dine in the Brasserie restaurant, famed for it's modern British cuisine, or you can visit one of the many excellent restaurants in Chichester.

The theater is deeply committed to engaging with the local community and nurturing emerging talent. It offers educational programs, workshops, and opportunities for aspiring theater professionals, fostering a love for the performing arts within the region. It's a local treasure and one that you will be sure to enjoy visiting.

The Spring Arts Centre is a hidden gem in Havant. It's a 15 minute drive from Oakwood West Holidays. We highly recommend going to see one of the performances in the small theatre. They have an excellent program that covers all kinds of events from well known stand up comedians, to musicians, and drama. There are also workshops and courses throughout the year and vibrant special events on local history & art. The theatre building houses a lovely cafe and a small free museum and shop selling beautiful artistic wares.

Portsmouth Theatres

Portsmouth has a rich dramatic history, you can visit historic buildings home to the New Theatre Royal, The Kings Theatre, or the Groundlings Theatre and take in fabulous shows of all kinds.

Accommodation near Chichester Festival Theatre

Once you've experienced the show, head back to your gorgeous holiday cottage at Oakwood West and relax into a luxury Sussex country cottage, complete with hot tub and high spec kitchen, designed for sophisticated holidays.


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